[Prototype] week 2

Updates second prototype
After receiving feedback last week, we were tasked with adding our other main mechanics and improving existing ones while finishing the tec doc and art bible. Art wise we were tasked with making 3 game-ready assets (character, prop and an effect) within the style of our art bible, to have an average time spent on modeling/texturing/rigging/skinning/animating.



- new playable class (rogue)
- charged attack for each class
- pickups (heal, damage boost, speed boost)
- friendly fire system (both for player to player and enemy to enemy)
- kill tracking
- PvP boss fight against the player has the most kills at the end
- new enemy (tougher melee enemy)
- player selection screen
- player health and charge UI
- controller support for both ps4 and xbox controllers


This week we started with making the game art bible, upon completion we made our first finished game assets.
-Character: Quickling Rogue: modeled, retopoed, unwrapped, textured, rigged, skinned, attack animation.
-Environment: Staircase: modeled, unwrapped, textured.
-Particle: Explosion: Textured, Particle System.

Added an art asset level to showcase all assets made.

Prototype Assets used:

FBX files:
- Bolt 
- Crossbow
- Level_Arena
- Level_Arena_Pillar
- Level_Arena_Wall (3 variations)
- Level_Arena_WallCorner
- Level_Barrel
- Weapon_Sword 
 - Quickling
 - StairCase

- BarrelMain
- BulletScript
- CameraMovement
- DamageableObject
- EnemyMain
- IDamageable
- MeleeScript
- PlayerControl
- PlayerMain
- ProjectileMain

WaveSpawner Materials: 
- BarrelMaterial 
- EnemyMat1 
- New Material 
- New Physic Material 
- TestMat 

WallMat Prefabs:
- Cube
- GameController
- Level_Arena_Pillar
- Level_Arena_Wall (3 variations)
- Level_Arena_WallCorner
- Level_Barrel
- MeleeEnemy
- Player1
- Player2
- ProjectileBolt
- RangedEnemy
- Sphere 

- TestLevel2
-  ArtAssets

Assets not mentioned are not used or no longer in use (or I forgot to note them).

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