[Prototype] Week_1

Updates first prototype:
- 2 player movement implemented

- Enemy spawner added
- Enemy attacks added
- Player damage added
- Player attacks added (Melee&Ranged)
- Player dash added
- Controller support added
- Arena Added
- Objects added 
- Camera fixed; follows the players

- Tested Anima2D for 2D animations in Unity
- Tested rayman-style animations in Unity3D


Is our project manageable within the time limit ?

- This was one of our biggest questions, we now are close to our first prototype, we believe the project is manageable. We are spending all our attention to the combat, and making it work, so we can get green lit by our teachers. Now that we have tested anima2D as well as 3D rayman like animations, we can definitely say, this project can be done within the time limit.

What is the fun factor in our game ?

- The fun in our game lies in the combat, we try to make the mechanics as fluent, diverse and rewarding as possible.

Will our game be fully 3D or use 2.5D graphics ?

- We tested both 3D and 2D animations and decided we will make our game fully 3D.

Which camera angle will we use ?

- We decided to go for a 45 degree angle top down view. The camera follows all players and zooms according to how far the players are away from each other. By using this method we don't have to worry about split-screen.

What problems did we encounter?

- The joystick axises in unity work different on different types of controllers and we had to figure out which axises were which
by testing each controller, because searching up online gave different answers and most of them were not correct.

What went well?

- Making the camera went quite smoothly and most of the other things such as making the enemies and players attacks, movement had minor problems 
that were easily fixed by talking it out with the team.

What are our plans for the coming week?

- We have some ideas of what we can do by next week, e.g. adding the friendly fire, adding the other 2 player classes, etc.
We have also thought about adding some combos and/or a charged attack to each class and a way for melee characters to redirect projectiles,
deflecting them by precisely timing your swings.
As an idea for the reason of friendly fire and having a more unique game mechanic, at the end, after the waves of enemies have been defeated, a boss appears, and when he dies it empowers the player with the most kills (who impressed the crowd the most) and this starts a second boss fight: empowered player vs the others, this will determine the victor of the game.
If we have time after this, we might also try out pickups/buffs.

Prototype Assets used:

FBX files:
- Bolt
- Crossbow
- Level_Arena
- Level_Arena_Pillar
- Level_Arena_Wall (3 variations)
- Level_Arena_WallCorner
- Level_Barrel
- Weapon_Sword
- BarrelMain
- BulletScript
- CameraMovement
- DamageableObject
- EnemyMain
- IDamageable
- MeleeScript
- PlayerControl
- PlayerMain
- ProjectileMain
- WaveSpawner
- BarrelMaterial
- EnemyMat1
- New Material
- New Physic Material
- TestMat
- WallMat
- Cube
- GameController
- Level_Arena_Pillar
- Level_Arena_Wall (3 variations)
- Level_Arena_WallCorner
- Level_Barrel
- MeleeEnemy
- Player1
- Player2
- ProjectileBolt
- RangedEnemy
- Sphere
- TestLevel2

Assets not mentioned are not used or no longer in use (or I forgot to note them)

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